About Me

Turntail conservative who prefers to rationalize.  I am a dichotomy of preferences and play both sides of reason.

My politics are usually about exposing the lies and intentional misleading of political parties. The word politics comes from the root words power and people. It means power over people. The greatest power politicians have are the fools that believe them. I will be blogging to expose these lies as they come up. The less power they have the safer we are.

I believe we are made by the fire that forges us. I feel that suffering has a purpose in life and its often to make us stronger and more sane. Sarcasm against foolishness is the sign of a strong healthy mind. There should be few passions or relaxations where we can be free.

The first dichotomy you will notice is I about face and call out my frustrations when relaxations and pursuits fail (such as a store screwing up their inventory and costing or wasting my time and money). If they are there for convenience and to provide, and they can do neither, they would better be an open fields for us to enjoy! The passions and pursuits are meant to be simple, not tedious like the rest of life.

I am an avid shooter and gun collector. I will blog about what I learn, safety techniques, ideas and helpful information from shooting to reloading.  The safer we are, the easier to keep our rights.


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